A number of customer driven courses and management training are listed below as illustrations of those available today. These courses are based on research facts and have been developed in response to the economic downturn resulting in consumer price sensitivity and the need to adapt. The impact has been hard on the motor industry; the only real business differentiator is customer service, getting the basics consistently right and refining or improving the small things that appeal to customers, again consistently applied to increase their perceived value or appeal…

Today the accident repair market has shrunk by around one third. Consumers are busy using the internet to get a cheaper deal on insurance and this usually means increasing their excess to get a cheaper policy. Towards 16 million consumers increased their insurance excess in 2009 which means drivers may even reconsider whether to have a repair. Therefore customers need to be aware that minor damage can often be repaired for less than their excess.

These courses will allow all delegates the opportunity to explore and practise the skills needed to provide excellent customer communication in today’s challenging market. At the end of the courses, delegates will understand where they can make a major impact within the Customer Journey process and provide realistic and achievable business return.

Within all courses an action plan will be completed to help delegates discuss key steps with line management and to start to embed the Customer Development parameters back in the workplace.

To obtain the best out of training we recommend Coaching support is provided to increase performance levels quickly. These sessions can be completed on an ad hoc basis or as part of a formal Personal Development Programme.

Tactical coaching in short 2-4 hour bursts just works! It motivates staff and helps focus in on real life business scenarios as well as giving managers feedback via Personal Development Plans to manage progress.

Martin Kelly

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