Customer Journey

Customer Journey focuses in on the customer touch points and aims to lift communication consistency and increase the customers’ perceived value of service. This is done by refining people skills defining a simple process and adding clients branded tools to deliver the business objectives.

Review your current status by asking yourself the following:

Q. What is your telephone enquiry conversion rate?

Q. What business messages are applied over telephone or face to face to add value?

Q. Is the customer handling consistently applied by each team member?

Q. Does the team know department targets and individually how they can achieve them?

Q. Do their job descriptions match what you want to achieve today?

Q. Is your Sales and Customer Satisfaction on track?

Q. How are you applying and monitoring Social Media within the business?

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It's not just about changing the process to achieve great results, which we have. It's about a complete culture change, to pre-empt customer needs, to recognise their frame of mind and to offer solutions in line with these factors. People know that this is what customer service is all about, but can they say that all their staff know and deliver this consistently? Our dealership now sits proudly in 8th position for customer service in the BMW network and with continued support from the IBDUK team, we strive to be number 1!

Samantha Leese, Service Team Leader, Knights BMW

I would like to thank you personally for a fantastic and superbly delivered workshop on the Customer Journey my team have really embraced their experience and found a new passion for delivering Customer Service. It is refreshing to hear your staff speak so positive about a workshop and how they propose to deliver their action plans.

Philip Murphy, Director, Agnew Group Belfast

This had been the best aftersales training event I have attended in 32 years; it kept me interested throughout the whole day. I want to implement the Customer Journey framework across Aftersales.

Bill Rae, Aftersales Manager, Harry Fairbairn BMW Glasgow

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